Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Web's The Word, So Who's The God?

I wondered what to write about, and I got idea as son as i woke up my computer screen.
"Internet addiction"
Yes, someone can spend so much time browsing the Web, or chatting or emailing cyberfriends, that it might be considered addictive or compulsive behavior. Formally recognized as a mental disorder "Internet addiction" isn't . You might think about whether your online activity creates problems in your personal or work life.
Does surfing the Net become a regular escape from real-life problems that you aren't addressing?
Do you spend so much time online that you aren't taking care of other important aspects of your life?
Answering "yes" to any of these questions doesn't necessarily mean you're addicted to the Internet, at least not in terms of a clinical disorder. So don't worry, the web is the world, and we are creating it, there are virtual cities build and there are real people (whit minimal help of robotpower) actually building it. We all want to participate, we all want to exist in it, and is not so hard to do yours best, exist on line in best aspect of yours life. In actual world we are commonly limited to create it as we desire, as we need and want it to be, but here on line it all seems possible. people discovered, build new world, and i realized we are all trying to do our best. I realized we are all protecting it as well.
The Web is so integrated into our lives , it's becoming commonplace to use it no matter where we are. Some www facts.
But please, don't worry. if you've been really bad you can confess on line. Really and you will get yours feet back, and your confession will be useful, other could learn from yours mistakes. And what is most important, you will feel so much better, I'm absolute. If you want to do it go ahead.
But if you feel addicted and you like this addiction what is wrong then? Probably nothing. We are living, and we can choose to exist as we wish.
what i like most on internet is "here is no god". And if you say there is good of internet, please be serious about how great camuflage this god is using not to lead us into mental disorder.
Have pleasure and enjoy.

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